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www.ehow.com › Health › Conditions & Treatments › Drug Addiction Drug abuse and drug dependency can have devastating effects, even with the use of a single drug. The problem becomes compounded with polysubstance abuse. … Polysubstance dependence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polysubstance_dependence A person with polysubstance dependence is psychologically addicted to being in an intoxicated state without a preference for one particular substance. Although any ... Epidemiology · Diagnosis · Causes · Associated cognitive ... · Gender differences Polysubstance Abuse | Substance Depen
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dence | DSM Code ... polysubstance-abuse.com Polysubstance Abuse DSN code, criteria, solutions, treatment, explanation, evidence-based research at addiction treatment centers and rehab providers. Polysubstance dependence - causes, DSM, effects, therapy ... www.minddisorders.com › Ob-Ps Definition Polysubstance dependence refers to a type of substance dependence disorder in which an individual uses at least three different classes of substances ... Addiction Treatment for Polysubstance Dependance ... wellnessresourcecenter.crchealth.com/.../polysubstance-dependance Polysubstance dependence, also called polydrug or multidrug abuse, is a substance disorder listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
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Disorders (DSM-IV ... About Polysubstance Abuse : Promises Addiction Treatment ... www.promises.com/articles/drug-addiction/combating-polysubstance-abuse Polysubstance abuse is defined as the use of three or more groups of addictive substances over a period of 12 months. It occurs when an individual abuses several ... The Definition of Polysubstance Abuse | eHow www.ehow.com › Health › Conditions & Treatments › Drug Addiction Polysubstance abuse is a type of substance abuse disorder that constitutes inappropriate use of at least three substances, where one is not favored over the others. DSM-IV codes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DSM-IV_Codes
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